• Strategy as Design in Barcelona

    What will students gain from this program?

    1. The opportunity to immerse themselves in a new environment in a way that heightens their perception of the design of daily aspects of life that we often fail to notice, like sidewalks, transportation systems, and storefronts.
    2. An exploration of the larger political and social context of Barcelona before Spanish Civil War, and the way in which it impacted the creative life of its inhabitants.
    3. The change to examine, in detail, the evolution of the work of three of Catalonia’s most significant creative thinkers: painters Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali and architect Antoni Gaudi. Students will visit their studios, museums and finished creations to develop a deep and personal connection to the inspiration for their creativity.
    4. Students will translate what they learn from the world of art and architecture back to the world of organizations and reflect upon what it means to be the kind of innovative leader capable of break through thinking that creates new futures.

    Academic Program Overview

    Spend six days exploring the art and architecture of Barcelona — one of the design capitals of the world — and in the process learn about the qualities of creative thinking in any environment. Barcelona’s history and culture are rich and informative. We’ll focus our attention primarily on a particular period of intense artistic achievement – almost a “perfect storm” of creativity during about a 50-year period before the Spanish Civil War that included a succession of painters including Miro, Picasso, and Dali; architects like Gaudi, Domenech Montaner, and Puig Cadafalch, and musicians like Pablo Casals, to name a few. We’ll move beyond the qualities of designed objects to look at the process of designing itself. We’ll also examine the relationship between creative "break-through" thinking and design. Throughout the week as we visit these iconic sights, students will be asked to capture their learning in a private journal. This will give us the material we need to examine the ultimate "so what does this mean for us as strategic thinkers in business?" question.

    Faculty Leader

    Jeanne Liedtka

    Randy Salzman

    Program Dates

    10–15 March 2019

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