• Global Capital Markets

    What will students gain from this program?

    Students will immerse themselves in global capital markets by listening to expert practitioner talks, participation in case discussions, visiting the stock exchange and/or other markets, and by spending time reflection. London is one of the premier global capital markets (along with New York, Tokyo, and Shanghai) which affords an array of learning opportunities, most importantly, as it relates to the EU and the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) markets; bank coverage and fund investment for such regions is commonly located in London and stocks from these regions are often listed or cross-listed in London.

    London also has a central position in the market for gold and art trading, and is a leading market for the issuance of renminbi (dim sum) bonds. The recent Brexit vote presents a challenging way forward for the UK generally, and London in particular. How will this vote shape the future of UK, EU, and the world broadly? The course will explore several of these issues and markets in detail and students will be gaining insight on how global markets function, what kinds of factors impact them, who the key players are, and what their role is. This course will also seek to explore sector/industry specific learnings in areas such as real estate, shipping, hedge funds and private equity.

    Academic Program Overview

    Advance preparation will include cases, as well as other related readings. During the week in London, we will have speaker talks interspersed by case discussions and visits to places that will advance the understanding and knowledge of global capital markets, such as stock exchanges, etc.

    Faculty Lead

    Yiorgos Allayannis

    Program Dates

    14–20 March 2019

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