Darden Worldwide Courses

  • Darden's three MBA formats include a variety of experiences for students to study in locations around the world. These academic opportunities in other countries help our students develop a rich global perspective and enhance their ability to lead in diverse settings.

    Types of Darden Courses Taught Around the World Full-Time MBA Executive MBA Global Executive MBA
     Darden Worldwide Course  X  X X
     Global Consulting Project  X  X X
     Exchange Program  X    
     International Residencies   X  X
     Global Leadership Explorations   X  X

    Starting with the class arriving in August 2018, every student in the full-time MBA program may take one Darden Worldwide Course and receive a scholarship covering all or most of the program fee.

    Darden Worldwide Courses 

    Darden Worldwide courses are one- to two-week courses led by Darden faculty outside the United States in January, March and May. Each course provides the opportunity to visit a different country and experience its business practices and cultures firsthand. Each course includes classes with practitioner presentations as well as onsite visits to companies, governmental agencies and cultural sites. Several Darden Worldwide courses include hands-on consulting with local businesses. Recently, these courses have been held in Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Israel, Japan, South Africa, Spain, and Sweden. Darden alumni are sometimes invited to join in these excursions. 

    Global Consulting Projects 

    Global Consulting Projects are MBA elective courses that give small teams of full-time MBA students the opportunity to provide their consulting services to an international company or organization, while working closely with Darden faculty members. During the project, student teams visit the company or organization in order to conduct firsthand research related to the project or to present deliverables.

    Exchange Programs

    During their Second Year, Darden's residential MBA students have the opportunity to be a part of the exchange program at an international partner school for a semester or quarter. Darden also hosts Second Year exchange students from partner schools. These students add to our vibrant global community.

    International Residencies

    Executive MBA students complete at least one weeklong global residency as part of their program. Global Executive MBA students complete four weeklong global residencies. During these residencies executive format students engage with top leadership at companies, faculty and partner universities and explore the challenges and opportunities for business leaders in emerging markets.

    Global Leadership Explorations

    A major component of each executive format international residency program is the inclusion of a series of courses called Global Leadership Explorations (GLEs). The field experiences and non-classroom activities are vital to learning about countries, cultures, norms and institutions. They bring life and deepen the academic learning that happens in the classroom.